Reinventing the way legal industry works.

Lawnics intelligently measure, monitor, manage important legal information, and allow users to automate cumbersome legal processes, leaving them to concentrate on adding value to their practice and clients.

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We are cloud based legal assistant that leverages artificial intelligence, intuitive designs and smart processes to make legal practice more meaningful.

Artificial Intelligence

With the help of emerging technologies like Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision our system identify, read and understand legal documents and extract relevant information from them. Then it understands the relations within the data and provide user with a personalized solution.

Smart Automation

Throughout the workflow, data driven conditions are set to automate many legal tasks. These include: analyzing legal documents; information extraction; document generation; document management; sending of an automated messages; referral of task to a colleague; or triggering relevant case law suggestion.

Computational law Algorithms

Computational law algorithms encodes legal principles found in statutes, regulations and executive orders that provides you with the real time analysis of all the applicable rules,compliances and laws.

Visual Analytics

Measure , Monitor and Manage, daily routine tasks and activity that has been draining all your energy so far.

Easy Workflow

Our legal workflow automation is an easy way to streamline manual and paper-based processes often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and matter.


Being a cloud based system we let our users access, store, manage, and process data on the go. Now access all the information from anywhere at any time.